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The top new business aircraft models announced in 2021

After the turbulence in the aviation industry during 2020, many had hoped that 2021 would bring better days. While the industry still faced supply-chain challenges, COVID-19 cancellations, and regulation changes, aircraft manufacturers still managed to bring innovative airframes to the market. Here are a few of the top new aircraft models announced in 2021. Gulfstream Aerospace announces G400 and G800?Gulfstream G800 business jet unveiling, Courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace Arguably one of the most exciting announcements of 2021 came from Gulfstream, who after a slick social media countdown, announced the Gulfstream G400 and G800 business aircraft. The G800 is expected to surpass the G700, the longest-range aircraft produced by the company. It's projected to be able to seat up to 19 passengers and offer up to four zone living areas. The G800 is projected to have a range of 8,000 nautical miles at a speed of Mach 0.8.Gulfstream G400 business jet, Courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace The revamped G400 includes the largest cabin in its class with a range of 4,200 nautical miles at a speed of Mach 0.85. It will come with options for seating for up to nine, 11 or 12 passengers. Earlier in the year, the company also announced that its G700 added a fifth test aircraft to its certification program, hitting a top speed of Mach 0.935 during its flight. Dassault Aviation rolls out Falcon 6X andamp; Falcon 10X?Dassault Falcon 6X, Courtesy of Dassault Aviation In March, Dassault Aviation's widebody Falcon 6X completed its first flight, paving the way for certification of the aircraft. Less than two months later, the company introduced the world to its Falcon 10X, competing with Gulfstream's G800 business jet. The Falcon 10X boasts a range of 7,500 nautical miles and a top speed of Mach 0.925. At the NBAA-BACE Convention andamp; Exhibition in October, GlobalAir.com got a personal tour of the Falcon 10X.Falcon 10X interior, Courtesy of Josh Coffman Bombardier launches Challenger 3500Bombardier Challenger 3500 concept, Courtesy of Bombardier Aerospace At a virtual launch in September, Bombardier unveiled its new super mid-size business jet, the Challenger 3500. The aircraft is expected to enter service in the last half of 2022, with a price tag of $26.7 million. An evolution of the currently available Challenger 350, the newer model business jet will introduce a redesigned wing, cabin and zero-gravity seating.Embraer announced Energia concept aircraft modelsEmbraer Energia family aircraft concepts, Courtesy of Embraer In a bold move unlike any other this year, Embraer announced the Energia family, comprised of four concept aircraft that will use different propulsion technologies - electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual fuel gas turbine, and hybrid-electric. The four aircraft introduced include the Energia Hybrid E9-HE, Energia Electric E9-FE, Energia H2 Fuel Cell E19-H2FC, and the Energia H2 Gas Turbine E50-H2GT. The aircraft are still just sketches, but the company says they could hit the market as soon as 2030. Another initiative of Embraer's to reduce carbon emissions began its flight test campaign in August. Its electric demonstrator aircraft will help Embraer develop new products down the line, the company says. Cessna Aircraft flies its SkyCourier andamp; updates Citation line Cessna Aircraft, a division of Textron Aviation, had a busy year, updating its business jet line and making progress on a new turboprop.Cessna SkyCourier aircraft, Courtesy of Cessna Aircraft In March, the Cessna SkyCourier began its certification flight test phase, with the three flight test aircraft completing more than 700 flight test hours. While Textron did not announce any new aircraft models during its press conference ahead of the NBAA-BACE convention, the manufacturer did roll out some upgraded packages for a pair of its high-end jets. Cessna will begin delivering orders of its Citation XLS Gen2 and Citation M2 Gen2 models in 2022. The redesign to the M2 includes more legroom in the cockpit, with the XLS Gen2 bringing upgrades to its entryway, lighting, and interior. The newest addition to the Cessna Citation business jet family was announced earlier in the year: the Citation CJ4 Gen2. This aircraft will be the largest Citation in the light jet segment.Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 aircraft, Courtesy of Cessna Aircraft Cirrus Aircraft remaps its Vision Jet Cirrus unveiled its reimagined Vision Jet - the G2+ Vision Jet—in July. The aircraft manufacturer brought a model of its G2+ to the NBAA-BACE conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center in October.Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ at NBAA-BACE, Courtesy of Josh CoffmanThe Cirrus Vision Jet will be getting an overhaul on its takeoff speed, range, and onboard technology. On the piston side of things, Cirrus launched a limited edition aircraft to commemorate the delivery of its 8,000th SR Series aircraft. The new design features bold colors and unapologetic accents on the exterior and interior.Limited Edition Cirrus SR Series aircraft, Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft Honda Aircraft Company unveils HondaJet 2600 Hosting its first-ever virtual product launch, Honda Aircraft revealed its newly upgraded HondaJet Elite S in May. The new model features upgrades that expand operational capability and improve flight operation.HondaJet Elite S, Courtesy of Honda Aircraft Company At the NBAA-BACE conference, Honda also rolled out a prototype of its HondaJet 2600.HondaJet 2600 Prototype at NBAA-BACE, Courtesy of Honda Aircraft Company The company said it will be the first light jet in its class that can fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles, and, depending on headwinds, potentially even farther. The announcement brings a new challenger to the rapidly-growing small jet market, creating an alternative to compete with the Embraer Phenom 300 and Pilatus PC-24. Pilatus delivers PC-12 NGX, rolls out PC-7 MKX After unveiling the highly anticipated PC-12 NGX at the 2019 NBAA-BACE conference, Pilatus handed over the first production aircraft to customers in July. This delivery capped five years of quiet development and testing.Pilatus PC-12 NGX flying, Courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft The PC-12 NGX turboprop is currently certified to operate using sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAF). In November of this year, Pilatus launched its first-ever smart Basic Trainer, the PC-7 MKX. The aircraft was featured for the first time in the static display area at the 2021 Dubai Air Show. Developed exclusively for military pilots, the aircraft features ejection seats, an aluminum structure to guarantee a minimum life of 30 years, and a low operating cost to reduce training budgets. It has a top speed of 300 knots (345 miles per hour). Beechcraft flies its new Denali turboprop Beechcraft, a division of Textron Aviation, unveiled its new single-engine turboprop, the Beechcraft Denali. It has since achieved its maiden flight after being introduced in July.Beechcraft Denali during maiden flight, Courtesy of Textron Aviation The Beechcraft Denali is one of the most anticipated aircraft in its class, equipped with a new composite, 5-blade constant speed propeller from McCauley Propeller Systems. The company has its sights set on certification in 2023. Daher upgrades the Kodiak 100 with Series III In March, Daher announced its new Kodiak 100 Series III aircraft, a versatile STOL turboprop that can easily be converted to floats.Kodiak 100 Series III, Courtesy of Daher The aircraft will also feature seating for 10 passengers. New to Series III is the optional Doppler-enabled GWXTM-75 Weather Radar. Updated standard features to the propeller, lower fuselage skin and autopilot are expected to bring added safety for operators of the aircraft.
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