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Best gifts for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in 2021

The approaching holiday season has many thinking of what they should gift the pilot in their life. The following gift guide includes general aviation gear, home décor, and aviation-themed items most pilots would find useful. 1. ADS-B receiver Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) receivers are a must for general aviation pilots. As of January 2020, aircraft flying in the United States need ADS-B out to fly in class A, B, C, and some E airspace. ADS-B receivers significantly increase safety by displaying other aircrafts' location, altitude, and speed on your tablet. Stratus and ForeFlight make two of the most popular ADS-B receivers currently on the market. 2. Custom propeller sign PamoTee creates a custom propeller sign. This sign would go great in a hangar, man cave, or even as décor on the outside of a house. The sign can be used displayed inside or outside because it is coated to prevent rust. There are seven sizes available for purchase. Customer propeller sign. Photography courtesy of PamoTee. 3. Aviation-themed candles Purchasing candles from XCCandleCO on Etsy supports a small business. The candles on the shop come in a variety of scents and fun names. XC Candles are a great addition to any pilot's house. The candles are made with 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. These quality candles make a perfect gift. AVGAS-themed candle. Photography courtesy of XCCandleCO. 4. Handblown whiskey decanter shaped like a globe A specialized whiskey decanter is a perfect gift for the whiskey lover in your life. The decanter is a great holiday, birthday, anniversary, or career milestone gift. The handblown glass is made with the highest quality materials. The etching on the globe and glasses is stunning. Adding this piece to any bar will create a statement. This decanter by the Wine Savant is a great pilot gift. Photography courtesy of the Wine Savant. 5. The best handheld radio A handheld radio is a must for all general aviation pilots. The radio provides a backup means to communicate with air traffic control if the primary radio fails. Some handhelds even have navigation features. The ICOM IC-A25N has a built-in GPS for satellite-based navigation as well as VOR and ILS navigation. Flight instructors can also find a handheld useful in order to talk with students flying solo in the traffic pattern. 6. Push-pin airport map The company Push Pin Travel Maps creates canvas VFR maps of the United States. Pilots at any phase in their career would enjoy this gift. The map allows pilots to place pins on airports they have flown into. There is a variety of frames to choose from when ordering the map on Push Pin Travel Maps' website. VFR sectional map. Photography courtesy of Push Pin Travel Maps. Shopping for the pilot in your life can be difficult. The items in this guide are thoughtful gifts most pilots would appreciate. There are several benefits associated with shopping from small aviation businesses. There is a good chance the pilot in your life does not already have the item. Your gift will be special and memorable.
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