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Smithsonian to feature Bell Nexus at Museum relaunch

The Smithsonian's long history of featuring aviation innovations from Bell will add another chapter to that story this fall. The new Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building FUTURES exhibit is set to open this fall on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and will display the Bell Nexus Air Taxi. The Nexus Air Taxi, a concept electric vehicle with vertical take-off and landing, was unveiled in 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show. "We're thrilled to be able to debut the Nexus in the very building where Americans first encountered early automobiles, famous steam engines, the Apollo 11 lunar capsule and the Spirit of St. Louis," said Rachel Goslins, director of the Smithsonian AIB. With components of exhibition and art, with a festival feel, the FUTURES features will celebrate the 175-year history of The Smithsonian and will mark a reopening of the landmark national museum for the first time in 15 years. Visitors to the Nexus exhibition can explore the concept vehicle through digital display monitors to see its potential impact on society. The Bell-created jet pack, the 1960s-era innovative Rocket Belt, will also be on display. The additions carry on a relationship between Bell and The Smithsonian, as its National Air and Space Museum also houses the first aircraft to break the sound barrier, Bell X-1 plane, as well as the Bell 47B, first helicopter granted civil certification. The FUTURES exhibit is free to the public and open through July 2022.
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