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Avfuel Launches SAF Book and Claim Program

Avfuel joins the growing list of fuel suppliers offering access to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through a book and claim program. This program was originally announced as an upcoming project in December of 2020.The book and claim program will give operators the ability to purchase SAF, regardless of where they're located -- paying the premium cost for SAF over jet fuel, and, in return, receiving the credit for its use and applying it to their ESG scores. The SAF is then taken off the book at an airport where the physical SAF is held and being uplifted by customers paying for jet fuel and do not get to claim credit toward using SAF in their ESG scores.Keith Sawyer, Avfuel's manager of alternative fuels, noted that this program can make SAF more attainable for operators worldwide. "Sustainable aviation fuel is the most effective way to reduce a flight's carbon footprint, and book and claim is the single-most effective way to make SAF attainable for customers no matter where they fly. SAF production is largely isolated to the Western U.S. Trucking the fuel to the opposite end of the country where a customer may want SAF is not only less efficient and costlier -- particularly given the truck driver shortage -- but also affects the lifecycle emissions reduction benefit of SAF. Rather than moving the SAF molecules, it makes far more sense to move the accreditation."Sawyer went on to say that it's pretty close to carbon offsetting, where you can pay to invest in green projects and receive credit toward carbon emissions reductions. The biggest difference is that emissions are being directly reduced through the use of SAF, rather than simply offsetting emissions that have already been produced.Air bp is another aviation fueler that announced its own book and claim program in September of this year.
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