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University of Utah Student Completes SOLJETS' First Summer Internship

For many college students, summer jobs consist of short-term work in fields unrelated to their educational pursuits. But for Sam Levine, a student at the University of Utah, his break between classes looked a little different. Sam decided to take a unique approach to his time away from the books and sought a summer internship at SOLJETS' Park City headquarters. Aviation has always been a passion of Sam's and he obtained his private pilot license in high school. However, it was through his collegiate studies in business where he began to consider a future that combined his two interests. While there are many outlets dedicated to the merged landscape of business and aviation, the brokerage and acquisition side of aircraft sales piqued his interest the most. After meeting with the SOLJETS team and successfully navigating the interview process, Sam joined the company as the firm's first summer intern on June 2, 2021. SOLJETS was excited about Sam's passion for the aviation industry, and combined with his aptitude for business, knew he would prove to be a great asset to the company. Sam worked as an analyst in the operations department where his core job responsibilities consisted of conducting market research and maintaining updates for various aircraft makes and models along with compiling overviews of recent sales. These tasks assisted with essential updates to the company's market intel that allows them to provide real-time data for their clients. Mentoring Sam throughout his SOLJETS internship experience was Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Crawford, and Sales Analyst, Gustav Wollenzien. Ryan and Gustav understood the importance of encouraging Sam to think outside-of-the-box and challenge him to dig deeper into business concepts by applying what he learned in the classroom to real-world situations. During Sam's time at SOLJETS, he was able to develop valuable skills including data interpretation and market analyzation techniques as well as a detailed understanding of how a business operates overall. "My internship at SOLJETS helped me narrow down my career search to know exactly what I want to pursue after graduation," said Sam. "This experience allowed me to integrate my avid passion for aviation and business enthusiasm into one place. I also learned how communication and leadership are some of the most important skills to have in a company." In addition to the data and analytical side of the internship, Sam was able to gain direct experience interacting with clients and assisting with aircraft deliveries. He was also given the freedom to discover his own individual business style for approaching processes and procedures. Offering a summer internship and being able to assist with personal and educational growth was an honor for the firm. Building confidence and setting the foundation for professional development is important for the next generation. "Every time I mention my name in conjunction with SOLJETS, there's a sense of pride," said Sam. "I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the team and it has encouraged me to push myself to new levels on a daily basis."
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