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Ohio Wrights its Wrong License Plate Design

The state of Ohio debuted a new license plate design last week that depicted an airplane flown by the Wright Brothers pulling a banner from its nose instead of its tail. The state motto, "The Birthplace of Aviation", was featured on the banner that the airplane, which first flew in 1903, was pushing.Governor Mike DeWine unveiled the license plate at a news conference Thursday, but it didn't take long for many on social media to quickly point out the flaw."We are aware that the plane on the new Ohio license plate unveiled this morning was oriented in the wrong direction," the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles tweeted. "We regret this mistake and have fixed the image."Orville and Wilbur Wright were both born in Dayton, Ohio, allowing the state to stake its claim in being the birthplace of aviation. But North Carolina, the "First in Flight", was the state in which the brothers made their first successful controlled power flight. This dispute between the states, which was settled by Congress in 2003, has not ended the greater rivalry between Ohio and North Carolina.In fact, the North Carolina Department of Transportation took this opportunity to bring up the debate once more and poke fun at Ohio. It is unclear at this point if any of the faulty license plates have been placed on vehicle bumpers.
Created 1 years 34 days ago
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