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Cessna Skyhawk and Skylane now approved for lower-leaded fuels

In an effort to limit the environmental impact of its aircraft, Textron Aviation announced that some of its Cessna piston-powered aircraft can now utilize unleaded and lower-leaded fuels, allowing for a cleaner burn than higher-leaded fuels currently used.The Cessna 172 Skyhawk and 182 Skylane aircraft can now utilize 91-octane unleaded, 94UL or 100VLL fuel. The 206 Turbo Stationair HD aircraft is approved for 100VLL.The Skyhawk is the most popular training aircraft for flight schools as it is one of the easiest aircraft for new pilots to handle. Its flight controls provide just enough authority to make the aircraft responsive, but not so sensitive that a student pilot couldn't handle it. The 182 Skylane, which is considered a beefed-up 172, has higher horsepower and heavier controls, making it a better aircraft for more experienced pilots. By giving student pilots the ability to fly an aircraft with more sustainable fuels, they are learning from the beginning how to reduce their carbon footprint."We have produced more than 75,000 of these three piston aircraft models, and this gives owners and operators around the world a chance to take action in reducing emissions," said Chris Crow, vice president, Piston andamp;amp; Utility Sales.Operators can begin using alternative fuels once they are compliant with Service Bulletin SEB-28-04 or MEB-28-01.
Created 1 years 34 days ago
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