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Take a 3-D virtual tour inside the Boeing 787-8 BBJ being sold by Mexico

It's been a thorn in the side of Mexico's current president, but it provided luxury in the clouds for his predecessor. While a typical Boeing BBJ 787-8 can seat several hundred in a commercial configuration, the $200 million plane purchased by former President Enrique Peña Nieto seats 80 in VIP style, along with a presential suite that is more plush and spacey than some Manhattan apartments. Simply put, it is one of the most lavish customizations in the world of aviation. Now, with Global Jet Monaco in charge of the aircraft listing, we are getting a look inside like never before. 3-D Walkthrough of Mexico's Presidential Boeing BBJ 787-8 So why is the Mexican government selling its BBJ 787-8? Wouldn't this be akin to the U.S. selling off Air Force One? As you might suspect, there are some politics involved. The AP reports that Peña Nieto bought the 2014 aircraft during his time in office. When Andrés Manuel López Obrador succeeded him, he vowed to purge the office of the aircraft and to fly commercial. The AP says the administration received an offer of $120 million of cash and medical supplies in 2020. The article notes the expense it would take for a buyer to convert it for commercial use, thus the global search is on for a perfect match to travel in this deluxe apartment in the sky.The BBJ was first listed on GlobalAir.com in mid-September. Check out the complete aircraft listing here.Below is another video tour of the plane, which includes overhead rest areas for crew and flight attendants, more than 90 video monitors, including seven 42-inch monitors, and a cargo capacity of 83,500 pounds. The aircraft is FAA compliant and has a total time since new of 1,741 hours in 881 cycles. Highlight Reel of Boeing BBJ 787-8 by Global Jet Monaco
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