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Daher Kodiak achieves delivery milestone

Daher has delivered its 300th Kodiak aircraft, marking a new milestone for the multi-role workhorse.The Kodiak was first introduced in 2007 as a new-generation short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft that could bring services and heavy supplies to the most remote regions on the planet. Capable of taking off from unprepared strips of only 1,000 feet, the aircraft can take off from virtually anywhere. Today, the Kodiak is used across the business and general aviation sectors, as well as in a wide range of duties that include humanitarian, medical evacuation, and in the utility, governmental and special mission sectors.There is a niche of need between helicopter and business jet capabilities that the Kodiak can fill. The aircraft is able to haul passengers in a luxurious cabin, but the cabin can quickly be converted to carry cargo, accommodate stretchers for air ambulance service, deploy skydivers and more."Every day around the world, Kodiak aircraft meet the mission: from delivering crucial aid in conflict zones to providing comfortable airlift for business and personal travel," said Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher's Aircraft Division, and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft.The Kodiak line of aircraft was acquired in 2019 by Daher, and Chabbert reconfirmed the company's commitment to evolving and supporting the aircraft by further improving its capabilities and reinforcing the worldwide services network. With the acquisition, Kodiak joined Daher's TBM family, which also acquired SOCATA, positioning the company as a leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft and one of the world's three airframe producers with final assembly lines on two continents."This milestone delivery comes as the Kodiak program is on the rise following its acquisition by Daher in 2019," stated Mark Brown, Kodiak's Sales andamp; Marketing Director, and Chief Demo Pilot. "Having been with Kodiak for eight years, the improvements made since 2019 in terms of manufacturing enhancements, production efficiencies and the product support integration is remarkable."The Kodiak's handling qualities at stability at all speeds -- combined with loiter times of up to 10 hours -- make it a perfectly-tailored special missions aircraft for aerial mapping, air ambulance, fire suppression support, parachute operations, and more.Additionally, the aircraft easily adapts to water operations through the installation of amphibious floats without the need for structural upgrades.The Kodiak has benefited from improvement since its introduction, with the Kodiak 100 Series III version incorporating features for improved flight safety, greater cabin comfort, augment operational capabilities from unimproved strips and on water with floats, as well as upgraded quality and more comprehensive maintenance coverage. All new-production Kodiak aircraft are being built in the Kodak 100 Series III reconfiguration.Kodiak aircraft are in service around the globe, with more than half of them registered in North America, followed by Asia, the Pacific region, Europe, Africa, Latine America and South America. The global fleet has logged a combined total of more than 278,700 flight hours.
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