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BlueMAX Gets Automatic Upload Feature

FlightData Solutions has announced new features for its BlueMAX wireless adapter to include auto-connect, auto uploads, and auto reporting.The BlueMAX is a Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless streaming of aircraft data (engine, systems and navigation data) to a portable device. When paired with the free BlueMAX mobile app, the user's mobile device becomes a portable multifunction display and data recorder.The BlueMAX was already integrated to allow data uploads to Flightdata.com, the company's data analysis and archiving platform. The latest release allows for automatic connection to the BlueMAX adapter without opening the BlueMAX app and automatic upload to the cloud. The update also unlocks internal storage within the BlueMAX adapter, allowing data to be captured during flights without a paired device and then transferred during the next device pairing.The company has also updated the sharing features on Flightdata.com to allow users with third party analysis or reporting programs, such as those provided by CAMP, Boeing and SAVVY Aviation, to automatically share data."Automatic connection and upload have been the two most common requests that we've received from users," says company co-founder Justin Beitler. "With the emergence of predictive analysis, having data uploaded in real time allows BlueMAX users the opportunity to identify problems before they manifest, greatly enhancing safety of flight and decreasing operational costs."The BlueMAX is compatible with Avidyne Entegra, JP EDM Series and ARNAV engine monitoring systems.
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