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Charter Clients are Elevating US Market

?Global Scheduled Airline, Cargo and Business Aviation activity through June 8th, 2021Coming into the summer, the expectation is that wherever travel restrictions allow, there will be a surge in leisure travel. These indicators are getting flagged in booking data and are already evident in the record movement in hot vacation spots. With business travel coming back as well, a 'V' shaped recovery is likely to continue in 2021, albeit with a lot of regional divergences.GlobalIn the first 10 days June, global business aviation activity rose by nearly 50% compared to the same few days in June of last year. Since the beginning of 2021, business jet and prop traffic has rebounded 40% compared to last year, trailing the comparable period in 2019 by only 7%. Global cargo operations are 13% up on last year and 7% ahead of 2019.North AmericaWith the recent launch by Dassault of the Falcon 10X, and the coinciding demise of Aerion's supersonic jet, closer attention is being paid to the recovery of the largest and longest-range jets, which have been slowest to regain pre-pandemic activity in the last 15 months. Specifically, the Ultra-Long Range business jet segment was severely affected by the pandemic restrictions in 2020, with a 40% drop in sectors and a 50% crash in hours flown between March and December of 2020.This year, the Ultra-Long Range segment has recovered, with sectors up 30% compared to 2020, but still 17% below 2019. Of the 100,000 sectors flown so far this year by ULR jet, 57,000 have originated in the United States, this activity running only 10% behind 2019. Looking just at charter operations, US-originating ULR sectors are flying just 7% less than in 2019.The resurgence of all business aviation activity in the United States in the last six weeks has been impressive. Business jet and prop activity is up 43% compared to last year, and down only 5% compared to 2019 through the beginning of June. The charter market is booming, up 50% in 2020 and 10% more sectors flown than in comparable months of 2019.EuropeIn Europe, business jet activity is still 18% below pre-pandemic volumes, despite 2021 seeing a welcome 33% increase compared to 2020.The business turboprop segment is the most resilient in Europe, now within 8% of comparable 2019 activity. The last six weeks have seen a resurgence across most aircraft segments, with prop, super light, entry level, and very light jet activity trending above pre-pandemic levels. Ultra-Long Range jets are still considerably idle, with flight hours down 40% since the start of May compared to May-June of 2019.The star of the show in Europe is the Citation Mustang, with double the number of flights since April compared to the same 6-week period in 2020, and an 8% lead in sectors flown comparable to 2019.
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