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Canadair Starfighter Lands at RAMWC

The Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada (RAMWC) announced the addition of a Canadair CF-104 Starfighter to its world-class aircraft collection. The Starfighter, with serial number 12703, was the first Starfighter ever flown in Canada.The CF-104 Starfighter served NATO for 25 years and is one of the most iconic Candian-manufactured military aircraft. It still is the fastest RCAF aircraft of all time, setting world altitude, climb and speed records.Stephen Pajot, Curator and Operations Manager of the Canadian Starfighter Museum, purchased Starfighter 12703 in 2011. He shipped the aircraft back from Europe and spent seven years meticulously restoring it to precisely how it looked in 1966.Recently, Pajot made the difficult decision to close the Canadian Starfighter Museum at St. Andrews Airport. However, he was determined to find the Starfighter a new home, so he secured an agreement with RAMWC for the aircraft to become the showpiece of the new museum's Military Skies exhibit for many years to come."I am pleased that this aircraft will call the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada its new home," said Pajot. "Restoring this aircraft was a labor of love for me, and knowing that the aircraft will be well looked after and displayed to many more people than ever before is very satisfying."Currently, only ten other Starfighters are on display across Canada. Starfighter 12703 would be the only Starfighter displayed indoors in Manitoba."The Starfighter has a "wow" factor that will make it a visitor favorite," said Terry Slobodian, CEO and President of RAMWC. "Not only has it been restored inside and out, but it also has operational lights and breathtaking sounds to simulate it in flight!"
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