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Legend Airways Acquires Tecnam Fleet for Training

TECNAM and Legends Airways today announced an aircraft purchase agreement for a fleet of 5 initial aircraft for the fixed-wing flight training school. The purchase consists of two (2) P2008 LSA, two (2) P2010 standard category 4 place and one (1) P2006T twin.This kind of acquisition is what Tecnam calls "Fleet Solution", where a flight school can offer different models to cover all the flight training requirements, from initial training to Complex (multi-engine, variable pitch propeller, and retractable landing gear). With incredibly low operating costs and competitive rates for students, the school has Tecnam as a single source for all needs. The Tecnam platforms for training are based on very modern aircraft models that exceed a very strict and high level of the certification process, that, 1950's design aircraft on the training market cannot meet.Legends will be utilizing the high wing P2008 LSA for initial through IFR introduction training equipped with the Garmin G3X dual screen system, and Garmin GTN 650. Students will then move to the FAA Standard Category P2010 4 place single engine with G1000 NXi and GFC 700 autopilot completion of IFR, Commercial and CFI Certificates. Finally, students will fly the P2006T light twin with Garmin G1000 NXi to complete their Multi-Commercial and Multi-Engine Instructor Certificates."As flight training continues to evolve in the modern age, it is crucial that flight academies progress with the times. That is why Legends Airways is partnering with Tecnam, who shares these beliefs in producing safe, sleek, and innovative aircraft that exemplify what it means to "Learn to Fly" in the 21st century. We look forward to integrating Tecnam's technologically advanced fleet into our academy and providing our students with safety-oriented and world-class training," said Justin Dal Colletto, Flight School Director at Legends Airways.
Created 1 years 13 days ago
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