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Levil Aviation Reimagines Autopilot for Experimental Aircraft

Levil Aviation released the iLevil AP, a wirelessly controlled, trim-tab-based autopilot system at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021. This system can be easily mounted to the ailerons and elevator of any experimental class aircraft, adding immediate autopilot capabilities. This is an industry first, controlled by an iPad or smartphone and actuated by trim tabs mounted to the control surfaces, making the device simple and unobtrusive.Levil Aviation continues to redefine avionics in the modern age, providing simple, affordable, and highly reliable revolutionary technology. The iLevil AP is an upgrade to the existing iLevil AW, a remotely mounted, all-in-one wireless avionics solution enabling a highly capable glass cockpit on an iPad, Android, or display of choice. The iLevel AP integrates all the autopilot computations inside the iLevil AW shell, removing the necessity to install an additional control head on the panel.It is designed to control small RC servos attached to small trim tabs that can be either riveted or attached using strong double-sided adhesive. The innovative solution offers many features such as Heading Hold, Altitude Hold, Altitude Climb and Descend, Auto-Trim, Trim Adjustment and Navigation Mode. All this without blocking the pilot's ability to maneuver the aircraft and override the trim-tab inputs.Integrated with the Levil Aviation App for iOS, the software development offers a leap forward in how pilots plan, execute, and interact with their aircraft. Although the iLevil AP can be driven by traditional means such as interfacing with standard certified avionics like a Garmin or Dynon navigation system, it can now be controlled by the pilot's flight planning app of choice. As of press time, iFlyGPS from Adventure Pilot, can be interfaced directly with the iLevil AP to follow a flight plan from your tablet.This is the culmination of 5 years of development."This is the most responsive Autopilot I have ever tested and the easiest to install. This will truly change the way the experimental world views autopilots," said Ruben Leon, creator of the iLevil AP. More capability, more ways to integrate, less cost and less downtime."Say goodbye to bulky traditional servos. You can upgrade to a 2-axis autopilot solution for less than $1,000 and less than 1lb," says Ananda Leon, developer of the Levil Aviation App.
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