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Duncan Aviation Updates Datalink Straight Talk Book

Duncan Aviation knows the importance and value of sharing its knowledge with its customers who share their passion for flying. To ensure Duncan Aviation's customers are well-informed when it comes to the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) NextGen mandates and guidelines, several of the company's avionics experts have updated the Straight Talk book on the NextGen initiative for Datalink. Datalink is a broad term, encompassing numerous types of digital systems that facilitate communications between Air Traffic Controls and pilots.Current datalink systems available are Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS), Aircraft Communications, Addressing, and Reporting System (ACARS), Aeronautical Telecommunications Network-Baseline 1 (ATN-B1) and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network-Baseline 2 (ATN-B2).This book explains all four types of datalink communications, with particular focus on FANS, which is currently mandated in the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) for all aircraft operating between FL290 and FL410.
Created 361 days ago
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