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M2Jets Charter Company to Build Entertainment Division

M2Jets Aviation Group, a private jet charter and sales company, will partner with Erik Hicks, a music and film veteran, to spearhead its sports and entertainment division. This move follows an uptick of over 250% in jet charters during 2021, due to COVID-19 precautionary travelers, over-crowded aircraft, and declining commercial airline services. "We are thrilled to have Erik on board," said Moshe Malamud, CEO of M2Jets. "His longstanding success in business and entertainment makes him a remarkable asset to our team."Malamud, who established the company in 2008, recognized the need to satisfy global demand. The company has since expanded, offering a complete fleet, aircraft management, and jet sales globally. M2Jets has seen a 300% increase in revenue during 2020 as commercial travel nearly came to a halt."First-time jet owners have pushed demand through the roof," noted Malamud. "People who can afford it realized the value of flying private instead of commercial during the pandemic, which as paid off for many of our clients."Erik Hicks co-founded Emmersive Entertainment, Inc. with entrepreneur David J. Kovacs and musician Flo Rida. The assets were later acquired by a Vinco Ventures Inc. subsidiary. He brings over three decades of experience to the team, working in media and music with moguls such as Ted Field, founder of Interscope Records and Radar Pictures, and writer and super producer RoccStar, amongst others."It's an honor to partner with true visionaries such as Moshe Malamud and Bret Lockett," said Hicks. "Private aviation has grown tremendously, particularly during these uncertain times, and I look forward to being an essential part of the company's continued success.The partnership comes on the back of celebrity travelers who realized that commercial travel was no longer an option during the pandemic."Safety has become the utmost concern for athletic clubs, agencies, and studios, which has been our highest priority," said Bret Lockett, former NFL player, and M2Jets senior partner. "We've been able to put the ease back into travel and have made it seamless despite all of the chaos."Since the beginning of the pandemic, private jet sales have increased by 10%, which equates to nearly 1,700 aircraft sold in 2020. The future of private travel will continue to thrive as exclusive travel remains the go-to alternative during these extraordinary times.
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