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Business Jet Activity to Surpass 2019 Levels

WINGX released its weekly Business Aviation Bulletin, noting that business jet activity remains on course to surpass the flight activity recorded in 2019.August has delivered what has been predicted as a record rebound for business aviation demand. The slow recovery for commercial airline operations has only emphasized the advantages of flying private. The biggest limitation that business aviation activity faces is not the travel restrictions, but a shortage of aircraft inventory.Global business jet activity in 2021 is set to surpass flight activity recorded in 2019, which was the year the market surpassed activity levels back in 2008. The number of business jet sectors flown in 2021 through August is up 3% from the same period of 2019, and up 70% compared to last year. With the delta variant causing concerns in travel, the upwards trend has slackened slightly this month.While business aviation operations continue trending upwards, the airlines are continuing to tread water at 40% below the 2019 trends.Business jet travel in Europe is up by over 25% this month compared to pre-pandemic levels. Even in the UK, business jet departures have increased by 10% since August 2019. France, Germany, and Spain have all seen records broken by more than 20% this month. Belgium and Switzerland were the top markets for August, with jet activity up 40%.With delta variant concerns on the rise, the rebound for business aviation in North America is taking a hit. Flight activity is still up by 16% through August 24, having been ahead by 20% in the first half of the month. Activity is still running 3% ahead of 2019 levels in terms of business jet sectors, while turboprop flying is down 10% compared to pre-pandemic levels, dropping the overall business aviation activity trend down to 1% below 2019 levels.This August, larger and longer-range aircraft have seen the most activity. The Bombardier Challenger 600 saw a 15% increase in sectors flown and an increase in flight hours by 20%.
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