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VistaJet makes pet safety when flying a priority

VistaJet has put its more than 200 cabin hostesses through an extensive pet first aid training program as the number of members flying with pets increases."Rabbits are a recent new breed of pet flown by VistaJet, and while dogs continue to make up the majority of animal passengers, the number of cats spiked 357% from 2019 to 2020," said Matteo Atti, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Innovation. One-in-four members of the charter operation are flying with pets, ranging from the typical to the atypical -- birds and bunnies.Cabin hostesses will now be trained in:Pet CPR procedures;Recognizing warning signs of choking and relief maneuvers;Vital signs such as heart rate, pule locations, and body temperature;Indications of various poisonings and the best treatments;And better understanding animal body language.VistaJet's global memberships have increased by 53% in the first half of 2021 as travelers look for a safer flying solution. Balanced inflight meals, sleeping mats, treats, and even toys have been added to the VistaPet experience to extend comfort to animal companions.
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