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Bucharest Aerospace Museum to help preserve aviation history in Europe

Bucharest Aerospace Museum is a new aviation museum project based in southeast Europe, developed by a private individual in order to preserve international aviation history and to honor the memory of two patrons of the aerospace industry: Aurel Vlaicu (who made the first test frame) and Traian Vuia(who built the first helicopter prototype based on DaVinci's drawings). This project will be an open space exhibition and an aviation education display center that will teach people the history of each airframe put on display. The museum will organize free theoretical and practical lessons about the principle of flight , airframe structure, airframe components, the role of each part and component of an aircraft. For the detailed info of the project, such its location, current and former local or international sponsors please visit the official website of the Bucharest Aerospace Museum (BAM) project. The museum will display various types of aircraft, from various periods of time, to honor both local European aviation as well as North American, South American, Asian, African aviation domains and industries. The Bucharest Aerospace Museum is seeking help from sponsors and donors in the field of aviation and mechanical engineering. Donations or sponsorship of equipment (aircraft, fuselages, salvage, broken, aircraft parts, replicas, mockups) and even financial donations to cover the cost of the shipping of the donated equipment. All those who helped this project in the past and are currently giving a free hand are mentioned on the sponsors section of the website.
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