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Collins brings in-flight WiFi to large-cabin business jets

Viasat is teaming with Collins Aerospace to offer Viasat's Ka-band in-flight connectivity (IFC) system for mid- and large-cabin business aircraft. This WiFi service network is the first to be offered without speed limits.There are three IFC solutions currently available for the aviation market: Ka-band, Ku Advanced, and Dual Ku-/Ka-band. Collins can now offer all three options at its service centers, both for new installs and service upgrades of current Viasat IFC systems."We are delighted to offer Viasat Ka, Ku and Dual-Band aircraft connectivity services as an integrated ARINCDirect solution," said Thomas Sterling, director of Business Aviation Digital Solutions at Collins Aerospace. "This milestone will help corporate flight departments modernize their passenger experience, and at the same time, reduce the headache of coordinating across multiple disparate aircraft and operations services."The connectivity typically runs at speeds greater than 20 Mbps, meaning passengers can stream video, music and TV, video calls, browse the internet, email, access VPN, and more. Viasat's high-capacity satellite network and lightweight hardware allow for its "no speed limits" Ka-band solution, a first in the industry.The first aircraft with Viasat's Ka-band IFC system provided by Collins Aerospace entered into service in August 2021.
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