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Flying Musicians Scholarship Opens for Nominations

The Flying Musicians Association (FMA) has opened nominations for its 2022 FMA Solo scholarship program. In its eighth year, the program has averaged two scholarships per year since its beginning while also welcoming hundreds of students into the FMA network.Music teachers and directors can now nominate student musicians in learning to fly. This scholarship is unique in that it assists aspiring flight students from zero time to solo.Nominations are being accepted until January 31, 2022. Candidates must be a junior or senior high school music student with a passion for aviation. All nominees will receive a sponsored FMA student membership, including an FMA shirt and other items donated by FMA members and sponsors."FMA members love assisting others who share our passions of flying and music," said John Zapp, FMA President and CEO. "To be able to assist and watch our student members grow through aviation and music while inspiring others is such a rewards experience."The 2022 FMA Solo Packet is now available online.
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