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Sun Air Jets certified as WYVERN Wingman PRO

Sun Air Jets, the first operator to achieve WYVERN's Certified Flight Leader status, is pleased to announce it is among the first operators to be re-branded as WYVERN Wingman PRO certification. Issued by WYVERN Ltd, the leader in aviation safety risk management and training, this newly re-branded distinction is a testament to Sun Air Jets' dedication to high quality, risk-averse safety and operational processes that permeates company culture.The visionary WYVERN Flight Leader Program provides operators alternative and innovative pathway to continuous improvement. Focusing less on regular auditing, and more on safety management system (SMS) effectiveness, as well as human factors and organizational culture, operators are coached by industry veterans in a progressive, quarterly assessment and validation cycle with the intent of enhancing safety culture and preventing "safety creep". The Wingman PRO certificate is the pinnacle achievement of the Flight Leader Program."WYVERN once again celebrates Sun Air Jets' achievement. It requires discipline and professionalism to become a Wingman, and it takes sound leadership and effective management of human and organizational factors to be a Wingman PRO. A Wingman PRO inspires other Operators to reach higher and attain new levels of excellence. Sun Air Jets' recognition as a Wingman PRO is proof that their leadership is focused on their organization's safety culture and the key human factors that matter most in aviation safety," says Sonnie Bates, CEO of WYVERN."Sun Air Jets takes great pride in their unsurpassed safety ratings and is thrilled to be recognized for their achievements with this distinguished award," says James Evans, Director of Safety for Sun Air Jets. "We are grateful to WYVERN for the opportunity and for their continued partnership as we consistently accomplish our safety goals. Sun Air Jets is dedicated to positioning itself as a leader in this field to ensure our clients the exceptional experience they deserve."Sun Air Jets is extremely proud of this achievement and progressive step in safety and safety culture. The Certificate joins a long list of previously earned safety ratings: WYVERN Wingman Pro, IS/BAO Stage 3, ARG/US Platinum, and the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), an exclusive achievement held only by four private jet companies out of 2,000 charter operators.
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