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Airforms Replacement Axles Now Eligible for the Cessna 205 and 210

WASILLA, AK - Airforms has announced an eligibility expansion for their PMAd replacement axles for Cessna aircraft. In addition to anodized steel and titanium axles for the Cessna 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 206, and 305 (the L-19) they now offer both types for the Cessna 205 and 210.Both options are high-strength and offer considerably more shear resistance than aluminum axles. The titanium versions will not rust and each axle is about one pound lighter than steel. The steel axles are anodized for rust and corrosion avoidance to ensure longevity.Hard landings or off-airport back country landings can bend or break axles, but the replacement axles are designed to absorb considerable abuse. The Airforms' are designed to bolt onto Cessna's single piece flat spring steel gear and take only a brief time to change out. Bush pilots often carry a set of replacement axles as they sometimes need to be changed in the field.
Created 1 years 181 days ago
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