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Intermountain Healthcare Life Flight Program Adds Axnes PNG wireless ICS to its Helicopter Fleet

Colorado Springs, CO, USA, December 1, 2021 - Mission Wireless Intercom innovator and leader Axnes announced today that the Intermountain Healthcare Life Flight program in Salt Lake City, UT, one of the nation’s premier air medical transport and rescue services, has added the Axnes PNG wireless Intercommunication System (WICS) to its new state-of-the-art Leonardo A109SP helicopters, which will enhance safety, situational awareness, and communication for its vital missions of search-and-rescue and transportation of critically-ill and severely-injured patients throughout the Intermountain West.

Axnes is proud to be a trusted partner as the provider of our PNG WICS for the Intermountain Life Flight program,” said Brett Gardner, Vice President at Axnes Inc. “By using our WICS technology as a wireless intercommunication extension system, PNG technology brings unprecedented capabilities to the crew and demonstrates a proven operational benefit. The equipment is easy to operate and significantly enhances safety. The PNG system enables line-of-sight wireless communication with full AES 256 grade encryption for secure transmission as well.”

The DO-160G (environmental-airborne) and DO-178C (software-airborne) qualified PNG WICS is integrated with the aircraft intercom system increasing mission capability and operational safety for the most challenging scenarios, particular during rescue hoist missions.

The PNG WICS frees crew members from the encumbrance of wired connections to the intercom while minimizing the potential for ICS cord snag hazards. Additionally, PNG provides for the ability to move freely within as well as outside the aircraft while maintaining real-time communications with the crew.

“We operate high-performance helicopters in very challenging terrain, climate and altitude. Safety is very important for us and therefore we always look for new technology and equipment that significantly enhances our operation and safety of our crews,” said Jim Zobell, clinical operations specialist of the Intermountain Life Flight program. “We selected the Axnes PNG wireless intercom as it provides full-duplex wireless ICS capability, allowing for crew communication inside and outside of the aircraft in the most severe noise environments, which is vital in the environments in which we operate on a day-to-day basis.”

The PNG WICS system is designed for integration into any aircraft communications suite, or it can be deployed as a standalone portable system. PNG provides robust, reliable, clear, and secure, full-duplex communications to crew members who are either wired or wireless. 

About Axnes

Axnes develops and supplies advanced and highly durable wireless intercom solutions for use under harsh conditions on aircraft and other demanding applications. Axnes is well known for its successful wireless ICS solutions and today more than 1800 aircraft worldwide are equipped with their wireless technology. Axnes was founded in 1995 and is a privately-owned company headquartered in Norway with offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, and the United States of America, and worldwide distribution through its partner network. The company has been supplying its wireless intercom systems for two decades and is an EASA Part 21 and Part 145 approved quality organization. Our team is driven by the belief that producing and developing the most advanced and versatile wireless intercom system contributes to saving lives in demanding operational environments. Read more at www.axnes.com  

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