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GPMS Showcases Foresight MX at HAI Aerial Firefighting Safety Conference 2021

Boise, Idaho – November 16, 2021 – GPMS, a leader in the field of helicopter health monitoring, announced today that it will showcase its Foresight MX system at the HAI Aerial Firefighting Safety Conference in Boise, Idaho. Foresight MX is a lightweight, modern system that meets and exceeds the new HUMS requirements for Type 1, 2 and 3 aircraft that the U.S. Forest Service announced in September.

GPMS’s system integrates the engine awareness of a HUMS system with vibration management, performance monitoring, and comprehensive analysis for vital sub-components including gearboxes and rotor systems. Additionally, Foresight MX offers Rotor Track and Balance (with recommended adjustment solutions available at the end of every flight) and parametric Flight Data Monitoring with Exceedance alerting.

Already STC’d on a range of aircraft, including the Bell 212/412 & 407 and the Airbus H125/AS350, GPMS is developing new certifications for other in-demand platforms. With analog and digital interfaces, Foresight MX is a terrific answer for operators looking to find a HUMS+ solution for both new and legacy aircraft.

Benefits for the Foresight MX system include:

  • A lightweight, easy to install kit with an STC weight and balance that averages under eight pounds on a single engine aircraft.
  • Annual maintenance savings estimated at $35,000 according to a Conklin & de Decker product ROI model (Bell 412 example)
  • Predictive Remaining Useful Life estimates on trending components, helping you avoid downtime and associated contract penalties.
  • Automated data offload via cellular post-flight, reducing work associated with the USFS’s data retrieval, analysis and review requirements.
  • Finally, GPMS’s HUMS-as-a-Service pricing lowers upfront costs and allows operators to sync payments to revenue schedules.

For more information on the Foresight MX system, attendees are invited to stop by and speak with the GPMS team at the HAI Aerial Firefighting Safety Conference table #26.

About GPMS International, Inc.

GPMS offers a next generation, predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System designed to give rotorcraft operators the power to “Know it before it matters.” Its flagship Foresight™ service provides Machine Condition Monitoring, Rotor Track and Balance and Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring. Fully predictive, Foresight offers insights needed to optimize maintenance, safety and operations. GPMS has re-engineered the HUMS category to put its advantages within reach of every operator, making all helicopters smarter and more connected. To learn why today’s fleets depend on Foresight, visit https://www.gpms-vt.com.

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