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RMCI, Inc. Receives Global Trade Award

Huntsville, Alabama –RMCI, Inc. has been selected as the winner of the 2021 Global  Trade Award presented by the North Alabama International Trade Association and the Port of  Huntsville. The presentation occurred during the 38th Annual NAITA World Trade Day  luncheon held on Thursday, October 28.  

The NAITA Global Trade Award honors businesses for their dedication in pursuing and  penetrating global markets. RMCI is recognized for success in developing trade relationships in Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, Latin America, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and  Oceana. At the same time RMCI has made significant contributions to the advancement of  aviation safety internationally. RMCI created and developed the Expandable Rotorcraft  Diagnostic System or XRDS™. The XRDS is a next-generation technology that provides Health  and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The system provides  early warning (weeks and months in advance) of emerging problems with an aircraft. It also  provides Flight Data Monitoring for Flight Operations Quality Assurance, and maintenance  features such as rotor smoothing. The XRDS is certified by FAA and Transport Canada and is  fielded on over 14 different types of aircraft. It is extremely lightweight and designed with  powerful on-board, real-time processing capability, powerful machine learning analytics, and  easy to use ground station software that is suitable for fleet management. This highly advanced aviation technology improves safety and reduces aircraft operation and sustainment costs. 

“We are very honored to receive this award, and we are thankful for our customers and  supporting partners, such as the Aviation Public Safety Association, Helicopter Association  International, Helicopter Association Canada. APSA, HAI, HAC, Quad-A, TCCA, FAA and  others”. --Kenneth Speaks, the company’s CEO. 

About RMCI, Inc.  

RMCI is a global leader in rotorcraft science and technology with a history of expert scientific  research and development and experience supporting HUMS on more than 3,000 helicopters.  

About NAITA 

The North Alabama International Trade Association (NAITA) is a business-driven organization  that provides international trade advocacy, training, and networking to promote economic growth  in North Alabama and across the Tennessee Valley region. The non-profit membership  organization prepares, facilitates, and supports international business success via education on  trade issues and mechanics, as well as networking with peers, experts, and trade officials. When  applicable, NAITA will work with the award recipient to complete an application for the “E”  Award, designated by the President of the United States and is the highest honor an American  firm can receive for exporting activity.

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