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November 23, 2020, Philadelphia – Mecaer Aviation Group, Inc. (MAG), located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Rosen Sunvisor Systems, located in Eugene, Oregon, to collaborate on a Sunvisor System for the Leonard Helicopters AW139. The Sunvisor System will be certified via STC and can be installed as an aftermarket upgrade or as optional equipment when purchasing a new AW139. The Sunvisor System is well known for eliminating glare from multiple angles, increasing safety for helicopter operations.

Serving the Northeastern U.S., MAG’s Philadelphia facility will be a center-of-excellence for Sunvisor System installations. Outside of the Northeastern U.S., the Sunvisor System can be purchased from MAG or Rosen Sunvisor Systems and installed by a certified part-145 service center.

MAG President Massimo Pugnali stated, “Our collaboration with Rosen Sunvisor Systems will provide a functional improvement to pilots of one of the most successful helicopter programs, the AW139. Whether flying off-shore, VIP transport, or public use missions, flight crews will benefit from enhanced visibility that the Sunvisor will deliver.”

Rosen Sunvisor Systems owner Niles Hanson stated, “We’re pleased to partner with Mecaer Aviation Group’s outstanding organization on the remarkable Leonardo AW139. The Rosen Sunvisor System in development for this application will be an excellent enhancement to the safe and comfortable operation of the aircraft.”

About Mecaer Aviation Group

With facilities across Italy, Canada and the United States, MAG offers integrated systems including flight controls, landing gear and actuation systems, as well as cabin comfort systems for helicopters, business aircraft, general aviation and basic trainers. Capabilities include design, development, manufacture, certification, and noise and vibration abatement, together with completion, modification, and MRO services. More information is available at www.mecaer.com.

About Rosen Sunvisor Systems

Meeting the needs of aviation for over 30 years, Rosen boasts well over 100 Supplemental Type Certified "STC'd" visor systems for aircraft and is the industry leader in aviation visor systems. From Commercial aircraft OEM's to General Aviation, manufacturers and operators choose Rosen. Our patented articulating, multi-positional arms and monorail systems provide superior coverage and utility. The neutral density tint in our cast acrylic lenses means colors are not altered; greens remain green, reds remain red, a necessary feature where accurate reading of navigation aids is critical. More information is available at www.rosenvisor.com.