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Vuichard Recovery Technique - How to escape a Vortex Ring State

Visualisation of escaping a Vortex Ring State with a Lama Helicopter. CAUTION This video allows the vortex ring state to develop further for demonstration. When practicing recovery should be initiated at the first sign (lightness in the seat) in the incipient stage of the vortex ring. A Claude Vuichard film, founder of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation. A film about the Vuichard Recovery Technique to escape the Vortex Ring State. Explore more Vuichard Recovery Techniques on vrasf.org ?? The clean Vortex aerial shots can be bought at: aerialstage.com ?? ?? To buy the clean version of this film please contact: [email protected]?? Credits: Helicopter: SA 315B Lama / Air-Glaciers Sion / Switzerland Claude Vuichard: Pilot / VRASF Fribourg / Switzerland (vrasf.org) Sébastien Widmer: Pilot / Air-Glaciers Sion / Switzerland Cineflex Helicopter: Robinson R66 (valair.ch) Hansruedi Amrhein: Camera Pilot / Valair AG / Switzerland (valair.ch) Mart