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Vortex Ring State IS NOT Settling With Power

I describe the differences between Vortex Ring State, Settling with Power, and Overpitching. In the USA the FAA states that Vortex Ring State and Settling with Power are the same thing. That just simply isn't true. Vortex Ring state is when the helicopter enters it's own downwash because it has no forward speed and has a decent rate greater than 500 feet per minute. The rotor system begins to stall from the root of the blade outwards. Watch the video for the full description. My name is Mischa Gelb and I own BC Helicopters with my wife Amy and my brother Sancho. I love taking the opportunity to bring you along to discover the life and adventures of a helicopter pilot. If you would like to check out our website you can go to: https://www.bchelicopters.com/