CH-47 USFS Carded Pilot In Command

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About Coulson Aviation USA

Coulson Aviation is the leader in wildland aerial firefighting for the aviation industry, worldwide. We specialize in C130’s, B737’s, CH-47’s, UH60’s, S61’s, S76’s and S70i’s.

Our pilots can be based anywhere in the USA. We will transport you back and forth, as well as provide accommodations.


The CH-47 Pilot-In-Command reports to the Chief Pilot and is responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight assignment and maintaining a high level of customer service. This full-time position, for previously CH-47 USFS Carded pilots ONLY, will require a full understanding of the FARs applicable to Part 91, Part 133, Part 135, Part 137, and all company manuals, policies, and SOP’s.

As a Coulson Aviation Pilot, your primary missions could include aerial firefighting (day or night), timber logging operations, construction, ferry flights, reconnaissance, medical rescue, disaster mitigation, and related activities. With support from management, pilots will be responsible for organizing and managing the daily requirements of various contracts while representing Coulson Aviation in a professional manner. This includes courteous interaction with clients, mission preparation and execution, and accurate and timely reporting of operationally related information.

Additional pilot duties are to assist maintenance where needed, help keep aircraft in a clean and presentable condition, and maintain accurate pilot flight logs and records which can include company related documents.


CFR 91.3 responsibility and authority of pilot in command.

Reviews flight assignments and obtains briefing information regarding the purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures, and any special instructions.

Ensures that all pertinent information about flight operations will be disseminated to his/her shift change pilot.

Assists in training crews to operate safely in and around helicopters; uses maps, operates fire and aviation radios, checks, cleans, and maintains helicopters, performs general housekeeping duties at crew quarters.

Devotes two hours each day to group or self-studying of aircraft systems, EP’s, etc.

Prepares or supervises preparation of flight plan considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise performance, airport facilities and navigational aids.

Ensures aircraft is preflight inspected, loaded, equipped, and manned for the flight assignment.

Ensures cargo is properly secured and provisions for passenger’s comfort, if applicable, and emergency equipment such as life vest, etc. are aboard.

Determine compliance with duty and flight time limitations, properly certificated, adequately rested, and in proper dress.

Ensures that all required forms, equipment, and material are on board the aircraft prior to flight.

Records mechanical irregularities and discrepancies and ensures that maintenance personnel are informed of the item recorded.

Verifies before beginning any flight that recorded items have been procedurally complied with, deferred, or corrected by maintenance personnel in accordance with the approved Minimum Equipment List for that aircraft, as appropriate.

Shall ensure that all passengers, if applicable are properly briefed prior to taxi and that emergency evacuation assignments are understood.

Files a flight plan if necessary.

May delegate duties to other personnel but retains responsibility.