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The Registry of Aruba Launches Sustainability Communication 4Ward

The Registry of Aruba (TROA), a global one-stop aircraft registry for the business aviation sector has launched a new, digital sustainability publication, 4Ward. This initiative celebrates sustainability in aviation and encourages stakeholders across the industry to step forward with green initiatives, large and small.TROA's CEO Alexandria Colindres commented, "Every small action matters. That's why we're celebrating innovations and ideas toward a cleaner, regenerative future. One step at a time, it's all moving us forward. There is a lot of fear in the industry when speaking up about sustainability. Many organizations feel that if they're not "doing" sustainability perfectly, they should remain quiet to avoid negative scrutiny. This perfectionist approach delays progress, and we hope that 4Ward creates a safe space for brands to speak openly about their sustainability efforts." The inaugural edition of your aviation sustainability newsletter from The Registry of Aruba launched in April 2022 including submissions from TROA's client family, aviation partners, and those curious about the future of sustainable technology. Alexandria continued, "Let's not kid ourselves: our planet is suffering from the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and we know that the aviation industry is partly to blame. We emit more than one billion tons of carbon dioxide every year! We have a long way to go before we reach zero-emissions fuel, but we care about clearing the skies around planet Earth right now. We don't have all the answers, but we believe it's possible to make incremental changes anyway." TROA opened the first edition of 4Ward by sharing its own sustainable efforts which include planting its own forest and reducing its use of paper and plastic.
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