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Embraer to add 1,000 employees across multiple sectors

Embraer announced Thursday that it will be hiring 1,000 employees for job vacancies at its facilities in Brazil. The manufacturer said that the new hires will focus on recovering the production rate, Services and Support area growth, product development, and new businesses. Openings are currently available in the sectors of operations, engineering, administration, and others.The manufacturer noted that the volume of aircraft deliveries is expected to increase by 15% to 20% this year compared to last, and expects the company's COVID-19 recovery to continue over the next few years."These hires materialize the strategic plan that includes the resumption of aviation growth and all investment in technology, innovation and new businesses at Embraer," said Carlos Alberto Griner, Vice President People, ESG and Communication. "We are very excited about the market prospects that generate career opportunities in several areas of the company."Embraer said that the hiring will bring permanently remote job opportunities and hybrid models, including a "more flexible environment" which will match the interest of employees while "strengthening the culture of innovation and knowledge" at the facility.At the end of 2021, the Embraer Group had about 18,000 employees company-wide.
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