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Avfuel, Neste exhibit together, Focus on sustainability at SDC2022

SAN DIEGO, CA - Avfuel Corporation and Neste have collaborated to exhibit together in the Avfuel Aisles at SDC2022 in San Diego.The convention marks the first time Avfuel -- a leading global supplier of aviation fuel and services -- will have one of the world's foremost produces of renewable fuels as a co-exhibitor at a tradeshow. Attendees can meet with Neste representatives in booth number 1945 to learn more about Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Avfuel will also have experts on hand to discuss its array of sustainable solutions, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), book and claim, carbon offsetting, and progress on unleaded avgas.Marci Ammerman, Avfuel's vice president of marketing, said, "Our goal of any convention is to connect attendees with the solutions they need for safe, efficient operations. Sustainable solutions have increasingly become important to our clientele and we are thrilled to be able to directly connect them to Neste to learn more about the efficacy of SAF."Sustainable aviation fuel is the most effective way to reduce a flight's carbon footprint. To quantify its benefit, each truckload (approximately 8,000 gallons) of SAF Avfuel supplies to its FBOs provides a 19 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle. This provides the same climate benefit as reducing the emissions from 4.1 passenger vehicles to zero over the course of a year.In the future, SAF could deliver up to 80% less greenhouse gas emissions over its lifecycle versus traditional jet fuel if used in its neat, concentrated form.Neste MY SAF is made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue materials -- such as used cooking oil. It is a fully approved drop-in fuel that, once blended with petroleum jet fuels, meets ASTM D-1655 specification for conventional jet fuel and performance standards under all operating conditions. This makes Neste MY SAF an optimum solution to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft, requiring no new investments, modifications or changes to the aircraft, fuel distribution procedures or airport fuel storage tanks.Avfuel and Neste announced their strategic partnership in January 2021. With the partnership, Neste provides Avfuel with SAF in volumes able to meet the growing demands of Avfuel's customers, including fixed base operators (FBOs), airports, flight departments, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and commercial operators. Avfuel is a branded SAF distributor for Neste and sells the fuel under the brand name Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel.The strategic partnership positioned Avfuel as one of the first United States companies able to supply its customers with SAF on a continuous basis. The fuel supplier now has a consistent supply of Neste MY SAF at nine FBOs with others in the pipeline.
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