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ALTO Aviation launches discrete Cadence Switch Panel

ALTO Aviation, a leader in premium cabin In-Flight Audio and Entertainment systems in Business Aviation, has introduced its new Cadence VIP Switch Panel at the NPI session at AEA 2022. This switch allows the passenger on the VIP seat to customize and optimize the listening experience of the cabin by choosing between three different acoustic modes.A simple discrete panel is installed on the VIP seat's armrest or side panel with minimal woodwork; the panel allows, with the touch of a button, to activate the new ALTO MySound Optimization and invoke full cabin audio, VIP Stereo, or VIP-focused Digital Surround Sound.This new switch and ALTO MySound Optimization are available for all retrofit aircraft and new installations. Installation costs minimize by using existing loudspeakers without requiring the installation of new components. The most powerful and realistic surround sound is easily accomplished by just pressing a button.By applying Proprietary Digital Signal Processing algorithms (ALTO DSP), ALTO's signature digital surround sound precisely maps the cabin with loudspeakers located behind the user and left and right, positioned in front of the VIP seat. Therefore, the new Cadence VIP Seat Switch Panel is well suited for existing loudspeaker locations, using the same grills, which minimizes installation time and cost.ALTO's System Master Controller (SM-1070) commands the amplifiers to select the desired profile in command with serial communication. In addition, the amps have records that define the EQ modes for each aircraft based on the customization of the onsite tuning of the ALTO Audio System."We are pleased to introduce this new discrete selection option to our Digital Audio Systems. This feature is independent of the former CMS/IFE system and can be added to any ALTO upgrade or existing ALTO system. The ability to customize ALTO Sound is truly passenger driven. It is designed to give the VIP in the cabin the ultimate control for acoustic optimization and a truly customized audiophile experience. That's why we named this solution ALTO MySound. It's truly your choice. It's sound your way," Kevin Hayes, V.P. of Sales andamp; Marketing, said.
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