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Boom Supersonic awarded contract to accelerate supersonic airliner development

Boom Supersonic, the company building the world's fastest supersonic airliner, has entered a three year partnership with the U.S. Air Force valued at $60 million.Known as the Strategic Funding Increase, the contract awarded to Boom is one of the program's largest investments and will help accelerate the research and development on Overture, Boom's commercial airliner. The funding will also include wind tunnel testing and propulsion system definition."With STRAFI, we're able to collaborate with the Air Force on the unique requirements and needs for global military missions, ultimately allowing Boom to better satisfy the needs of the Air Force where it uses commercially-derived aircraft," said Boom founder and CEO Blake Scholl.Overture will be capable of carrying up to 88 passengers at Mach 1.7, twice the speed of airliners today. Designed to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuels, Overture is expected to be the first large commercial aircraft to be net zero from day one.Manufacturing of the supersonic airliner will begin in 2023 and go through 2025, with passenger flights expected by the end of the decade.Boom Supersonic had previously been awarded a contract in September of 2020 by the Air Force to help further the Overture program.The Air Force is not the only entity interested in the supersonic airliner. In June of 2021, United Airlines agreed to purchase 15 aircraft, with an option for an additional 35.
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