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G650 remains popular online, even with G700 entering market

As the first Gulfstream G700 rolls out, recent posts online show the G650 remains a hot item. While the richest of the rich - the Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos of the world - might ultimately swap their G650s for the bigger, newer option, expect both aircraft to remain hot items. Google Trends data over the past six months shows that of searches for the two jets, the Gulfstream G650 is still grabbing a 3:2 edge, despite the inevitable excitement that comes with any new jet rollout. GlobalAir's proprietary analysis of Google search data shows combined queries for G650s for sale increased 6.5 percent over the past 28 days, year to year, and averages nearly double the search volume of a Global 7500. Even as the first G700 was setting speed records and was shown to the world earlier this month at Qatar Executive, Insider aviation reporter Thomas Pallini was among a group of journalists to take flight in one of the company's 650ER charter jets. He shared insights, including how the private section in the aft of the Qatar Executive G650s can be used by an executive to call department heads in from the forward communal area, using that space as a waiting room, and how takeoff can be so quick and powerful that passengers can end up dropping or spilling their drinks. As Pallini covered what it's like to fly on a G650, another group recently announced it's stepping into the niche charter option for the ultra-wealthy. Architectural Digest profiled the leap by luxury goods company RH into charter flights with its own 12-passenger Gulfstream G650. The company, known for high-end interior design and clothing, among other goods catering to the upper tax brackets, decked out its interior with stainless steel and white oak, charcoal linen and a metallic champagne exterior paint finish. For those wanting a little more control than what a charter flight might offer, the G650 is filling up more space in the fractional jet ownership market. Flexjet has launched an unlimited access program for G650 shareholders, giving them access to the company's entire fleet of aircraft. Even as Gulfstream rolls out a bigger newer model, its prior titleholder appears as if it will remain in great position among the titans in corporate aircraft.
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