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Global Business Jet Traffic Trending Above Pre-Covid

?Business aviation vs. Scheduled aviation from New York, 2021 vs. 2019WINGX released its weekly Business Aviation Bulletin, highlighting a significant upward trend of 12% for global business jet traffic compared to pre-COVID-19 levels.During the pandemic, lifestyle and occasional necessity sustained business jet demand. In the last few months, leisure has boosted the recovery with an unsurprising acceleration through the summer. With the return of business travel, utilization is seeing new highs in 2021 compared to 2019. The surge will likely follow the lifting restrictions around the world, with international trips waiting longer but almost certainly sitting at the planning stage.GlobalThe first half of June 2021 is seeing a surge in business jet activity, rebounding well beyond the recovery threshold with relation to flight trends in 2019. With just over 100,000 business jet sectors flown this month, the sector represents 15% of all fixed wing movements, activity 12% higher than in the first half of June 2019, the first time business aviation growth is outstripping cargo growth.Scheduled airline activity is still sitting more than 40% below the 'norm' of pre-pandemic levels for this time of year. So far, global business jet and prop activity are within 6% of 2019, rebounding 41% above year-to-date 2020. Comparably, passenger airlines are just 1% ahead of the first half of 2020, still just under 50% shy of 2019.European business aviation activity is still trailing 2019 by 15%, while flight activity in Asia is 10% ahead of 2019, 45% ahead in Africa, 80% ahead in South America, and 23% ahead in the Middle East. Across North America, business aviation flight activity is also sitting just 7% behind 2019.There is considerable variation in activity by aircraft type as well. Turboprop activity is aligned with overall trends, 7% fewer sectors, but light, very light, and super midsize jets are flying more than in 2019. Super light and midsize jet activity is also close to normal, with more substantial deficits for large cabin aircraft. Heavy jet hours are down by 13% in 2021, while ultra-long-range jets are down 27% compared to 2019. The link between range and travel restrictions is clear: globally, domestic sectors are back to where they were in 2019, but international business jet sectors are still down by 20%.The US market is getting stronger as lockdown measures are dwindling and the economic rebound is gathering steam. Business jet activity so far this year is now 1% above the same period in 2019. The resurgence is gathering pace, with the first half of June seeing 20% more business jet movements than June 2019, business jet flights comprising alsmost 25% of all sectors operated by fixed wing aircraft this month.Across the country, charter and fractional share operators are seeing the quickest rebound, with combined activity of 60% up on last year and 10% ahead of 2019. The busiest aircraft segments in these sectors are super midsize and light jets, activity up 20% on 'normal' levels. The stand-out jet types are the Bombardier Challenger 300, Cessna Citation Latitude, and Embraer Phenom 300, all clocking up record activity fleet activity.The Gulfstream GV/550 is flying 13% less this year than in 2019, but the Global 5500 fleet activity is up by 24% compared to the same period.
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