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Business Jet Demand Sees Record Month

WINGX released its weekly Business Aviation Bulletin, highlighting a strong rebound for business jet demand this month, well above even pre-pandemic summertime highs. This upswing should continue over the next 6 weeks dependent on the renewal of a lockdown and heightened restrictions due to the pandemic.The recovery in demand for business aviation continues to rise, eclipsing the recovery of scheduled airline activity. The month of July saw 13% more business jet and turboprop sectors flown worldwide than in July of 2019. After 7 months of 2021, the overall activity of business aviation aircraft is back in line with the comparable 2019 period. The rebound in activity has been pushed ahead by a resurgence in small and midsize business jet activity since the spring. In the last 3 months, these business jet segments have increased operations by 14% compared to May-July of 2019.Global Business Jet flight activity from January 1 - July 30, 2021North AmericaThe North American region saw an increase in business activity by 12% this month compared to pre-pandemic levels and 46% more active than July 2020. Within the region, the United States market is still surging. Business jet flights are up 25% compared to just two years ago. The only segments still trailing 2019 levels are the turboprops and bizliners. Super midsize jets are offering a sweet spot to record demand in the region, with July seeing a 30% increase in flights compared to July 2019. Light jet activity ran 26% up on July two years ago, and ultra long range jet fleets, which have remained idle for much of the pandemic, flew more than ever this month, up 23% compared to July 2019.As expected, the charter market was the hottest in July, with branded charter operators generating 35% more sectors overall versus July 2021, easily an all-time record. Fractional operations are also running close to maximum capacity, 25% more sectors than two years ago in July. Notably, Part-91 flights equally rebounded this month, 22% more sectors flown than in July 2021. This may suggest a comeback in corporate operations.EuropeJuly saw a significant bounce in business aviation activity in the European region, with an uplift of 14% sectors compared to pre-pandemic "normal" July 2019. The summer spike is coming from light jet segments, activity soaring 30% above high points from the same month two years ago. In contrast to the US, the recovery has not yet come to the Large Jets. Rest of WorldOutside the US and Europe, there are mixed trends in recovery in the largest markets for business jets: the recovery in Canada is very sluggish, consistent with ongoing restrictions; but across Australia and New Zealand, despite international travel restrictions, domestic business aviation traffic is higher than ever; in Africa and South America, where the pandemic is still very much at large, several countries have seen much higher business jet travel than before 2020; in China, domestic business aviation travel has beaten records, but international traffic is almost standstill. The Middle East, specifically the UAE, has seen very resilient business jet travel, especially from Dubai.
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