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Sonex Announces High Wing Aircraft Models

Sonex Aircraft announced its newest kit aircraft design: the Sonex Aircraft High Wing. Designed for expanded utility, ease of pilot access and to appeal to the high wing enthusiasts, the Sonex High Wing offers strong performance and handling in a new configuration. While many kit manufacturers currently offer high wing aircraft with a backcountry mission in mind, Sonex's cantilevered wing aircraft is designed to be sleek and efficient for aerobatic and cross-country performance.The Waiex-B is leading Sonex Aircraft sales, indicating that pilots love the look and great handling of the Y-tail designs. The Y-tail and conventional tail designs will both be offered as options for the high wing aircraft. Both the traildragger and tri-gear configurations will also be available for both tail configurations, providing 4 options for customers to choose from.The High Wing will have two side-by-side seats, with pilots receiving approximately 2.5 inches of increased room. The cockpit will be 44inches wide and the cabin shape will allow for nearly unlimited head room.As for fuel, the aircraft will feature the standard Sonex Aircraft B-Model 20 gallon rotationally-molded fuel cell along with an option for 10 gallons of auxiliary fuel in the inboard wings, which can easily be transferred to the main tank via gravity feed. It will also have a max gross weight with Utility Category limit load factors of 1,320 lbs. The estimated empty weight is 720 lbs. The baggage capacity has also been increased to 60 lbs.The Sonex High Wing will be capable of handling short grass strips well, but winning a STOL competition or flying off a gravel bar is not the intended mission of the aircraft. Instead, Sonex wanted to expand the utility and ease of pilot access to the existing Sonex mission of fun, everyday local flying, aerobatics and fuel-efficient long cross-countries to the high wing world.When flown solo with a gross weight at or under 150 lbs, the Sonex High Wing will have +6 and -3G limit load factors, making it a solid choice for aerobatics. The High Wing, like the Xenos motorglider, will also have easily interchangeable aerobatic wing tips to reduce span with the effect of increasing roll rate and maximizing top speeds for local aerobatic flying.The Sonex High Wing is designed for engines 100 hp or greater with a maximum firewall-forward installation of 200 lbs. Like current B-Model aircraft, the High Wing can use AeroVee, Jabiru, UL Power and Rotax engines.Sonex is set to display its High Wing at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2023, where they will begin taking orders.
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