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Gulfstream G800 will be equipped with Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines

Gulfstream has selected the Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engine to power its latest ultra-long-range business jet, the G800, which was unveiled at a ceremony Monday night. The engine type was designed for Gulfstream and is expected to receive certification in 2022. This engine is exclusive for the all-new Gulfstream G700 and G800 aircraft."The Pearl 700 is a pioneering product that brings together our latest technology to deliver outstanding efficiency," said Dr. Dirk Geisinger, Director Business Aviation, Rolls-Royce. "It is part of our commitment to reach net-zero operations and has already proved its ability to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel."The Pearl 700 combines the Advance2 engine core with a brand-new low-pressure system, resulting in an eight percent increase in take-off thrust compared to the BR725 engine. The Pearl 700 also offers a five percent higher efficiency, while maintaining its low noise and emissions performance. The engine can take passengers up to speeds of Mach 0.925, nearly the speed of sound.The Gulfstream G800 aircraft is projected to have a range of 8,000 nautical miles and could seat up to 19 passengers with four living areas. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2023.
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