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How the PC-24 became one of the hottest aircraft on the market

Brand new PC-24 sitting on the tarmac. Photography courtesy of Nicole Lund. Pilatus Aircraft, a manufacturer based in Stans, Switzerland, is famously known for the PC-12, a single-engine turboprop with outstanding takeoff and landing performance. In an attempt to compete with the twin-turbofan world, Pilatus created the PC-24. The PC-24 is faster and has a longer range than the PC-12. The short takeoff and landing (STOL) characteristics are still present in the PC-24. In fact, the PC-24 is the first and only aircraft in the "Super Versatile Jet" category. Several factors make the PC-24 stand out from its competition. PC-24 can access more airportsThe PC-24 STOL characteristics allow the aircraft to access hundreds of additional airports compared to its competition. In addition, the PC-24 is certified to land on dirt and grass runways. According to Pilatus, the PC-24 can access 7,523 airports in North America while its closest competitor can only access 4,397 airports. The aircraft operator can keep their clients happy with the increase in versatility the PC-24 offers. PC-24 utilizing a gravel runway. Photography courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft. PC-24 offers lower operating costsPilatus prides the PC-24 with having a midsize-jet cabin and operating costs of a light jet. Two Williams engines power the PC-24. The PC-24 burns less fuel than its competition, such as the Learjet 75. Furthering the cost savings, the PC-24 is single-pilot certified. This reduces total expenses. Features increased cargo spaceThe baggage compartment of the PC-24 has a pallet-sized cargo door. This space is pressurized and accessible in-flight. In addition to the already large cargo compartment, passenger seats can easily be removed to increase the cargo space available. The PC-24 is versatile to the needs of the client and operation. The versatile baggage door makes the PC-24 a great option for air ambulance operations. Photography courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft. Quiet Power ModeTM Aircraft depend on an auxiliary power unit (APU) or a ground power unit (GPU) in order to supply air conditioning and heating on the ground. The PC-24 is equipped with a Quiet Power ModeTM that supplies electrical power in the absence of a GPU or APU. This allows the PC-24 to stay heated or cooled when a GPU is not available. APUs are expensive and heavy. The absence of an APU allows the PC-24 to stay lighter resulting in better fuel economy and STOL characteristics. The PC-24 is paving the way for future aircraft in the Super Versatile Jet category. Pilatus listened to consumers when engineering the PC-24. Aircraft owners and operators want more options; the PC-24 is the solution. Thousands of airports that were not previously accessible are now an option due to STOL characteristics and the capability of utilizing unpaved runways.
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