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Pacific Propeller International & IAC Join Forces Through a Strategic Partnership Agreement to Bring Comprehensive Aircraft and Rotor Blade Repairs and Engineering Experience to the Global Market

Bellevue, Washington - Precision Aerospace Products (PAP) LLC, the parent company of Pacific Propeller International, LLC (PPI), C&S Propellers, and PPI Technical Services, announced a strategic partnership agreement with IAC Ltd. of Fort Worth, Texas to expand its global reach on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. The new agreement with IAC merges two globally recognized engineering powerhouses that have developed cutting-edge, critical component repair and engineering solutions.

PPI is known for its long-term experience and knowledge of the 54H60 propeller system on the Lockheed Martin Hercules C-130, having developed a repair solution for the U.S. Air Force Technical Order 3H1-18-3, dated November 1, 2020 (TO 3H1-18-3S-IAC is internationally known as the company that has pioneered many innovative repairs for rotor blades previously considered not repairable and advanced repairs on platforms such as the UH-1H, UH-60M, and UH-60A/L as well as technical documentation projects for UH-60M and UH-60A/L main rotor blades.

This partnership will bring together the advanced engineering capabilities of both companies. In addition, PPI's international business expertise will help further both companies’ mission of supporting the U.S. Government and all of its international strategic allies and partners.

"The PAP Group of Companies and IAC have over 100 years of cumulative experience and are known as ‘Gurus’ in their respective fields. Merging PPI’s and IAC's knowledge, relationships, and solutions expands our company's reach into parallel markets to provide global operators an easy decision when in need of specialized engineering and repairs on their fleets," said the CEO, Jeff Heikke of Precision Aerospace Products.  PPI is globally recognized as the only OEM Licensed 54H60 MRO to develop and market an engineering solution for the U.S. Air Force TO 3H1-18-3S-3.

George Canovas, Executive Vice President of Strategic Global Relations of Precision Aerospace Products, indicated that "PAP is strengthening its strategic global reach by partnering with leaders in the industry with a known reputation for uncompromising experience and engineering knowledge. There is more to come as PAP unleashes its growth strategy."

Randy Stevens, CEO of IAC stated, "We believe that this tactical and targeted approach to addressing the global needs of international fleets will provide both companies with a further reach in capturing larger markets and customers. In addition, we are bringing together two top-notch engineering groups that can develop innovative repair solutions to further market penetration into newer composite blades currently in use on both rotor blade and propeller aircraft."