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Dakota Air Parts Receives Last Great UH-1 Iroquois & AH-1 Cobra Inventories from Vietnam and the Middle East

FARGO, N.D., (August 8, 2021) - Dakota Air Parts Intl., Inc. has announced that it has initiated the receiving process at U.S. Port from a long-awaited massive multi-continent uplift consisting primarily of UH-1 Iroquois and AH-1 Cobra helicopter parts, components, and related equipment, plus many other aircraft platforms (see below) back to its facilities in the United States.

DETAILS: The arrival shipments of inventory are inbound for arrival at Fargo, Phoenix, and other locations. The uplift consists of 39 ea. 40-foot Conex containers which include 859 ea. pallets of the aircraft parts, components, and related equipment. In addition to the primary concentration of UH-1 and AH-1 parts, many other aircraft and turbine engine parts platforms include PT6, OH-6, OH-58, CH-47, 204, 205, 212, CH-47, J85, A37, T53, T55, along with many other OEM aircraft and engine platforms. Most of the material is new and serviceable.

After nearly 55 years of UH-1/AH-1 continued active service around the world, these last great inventories from Vietnam and the Middle East will further the continued operation and support of these aircraft platforms for many years to come.

“This massive undertaking has culminated from tireless work, focus, and the continued dedication and support of many staff members, in-country agents, not to mention many great friends from around the globe over the last 15 years,” said Mr. Kurtis C. McConn (K.C.), Director & CEO of Dakota.

“Our greatest concern at this juncture is where we will store this volume of inventory and related material,” said Shawn Johnston, Director of Marketing at Dakota. “We have initiated the largest inventory reduction and logistics campaigns Dakota has ever undertaken to help make room for the incoming packages.”

This material will be managed, distributed by Dakota’s strategic partner Air Services International (ASI) of Phoenix Arizona, formerly an FAA Part 145 repair station of the Rolls-Royce M250 Turbine engine sold into Asia in May of 2018. ASI’s current focus is management, production, re-utilization, and operational distribution of aircraft & turbine engine spares worldwide.

About Dakota Air Parts Intl., Inc. (www.DakotaAirParts.com)

Dakota Air Parts specializes in the buying, selling, and support of a variety of rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, turbine engines, and parts - OEM & aftermarket. Dakota Air Parts has access to the most diverse parts information infrastructures in the world allowing them to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising quality or delivery to customers worldwide. For more information about Dakota Air Parts call (701) 297-9999 or visit www.DakotaAirParts.com.

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