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PS Engineering’s PAC45A Provides Complete Audio Control in Black Hawks Modernized Avionics Suite

Lenoir City, TN –– XP Services announces FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) approval that includes PS Engineering’s state-of-the-art PAC45A, an all-digital audio controller system that includes MultiTalker®. The PAC45A is now part of XP Services STC for the UH-60A and EH-60A Black Hawk.

As part of a complete avionics’ suite upgrade, the PAC45A is an FAA TOSA DAL C, DSP based, digital audio controller that provides up to 8 coms, 8 switched audios, MultiTalker®, and up to 4 control heads.

True Dimensional Sound, known as MultiTalker®, is exclusively licensed to PS Engineering by the USAF. By placing various COM audio in unique position within a stereo headset, the pilot and crew can pay attention to the radio that is important at any instant in time. The Wright Patterson Air Force Laboratory invested years in perfecting this technology and PS Engineering is now making it available to special mission aircraft.

Other novel capabilities are fully integrated Bluetooth® interconnectivity, fully customized recording of audio alerts that is easily accomplished in the field, IntelliVox® automatic VOX or PTT-ICS and up to 14 intercom stations.

"PS Engineering has always been laser focused on audio control systems, we are excited to see our PAC series being part of this new STC” said Mark Scheuer, Founder and CEO at PS Engineering. “Because the PAC45A is completely digital, the amount of wiring required when compared to outdated analog audio control systems, is significantly reduced. In fact, only a single RS-422 cable (plus power and ground) is required to go to each of the independent control heads, that can be located throughout the Black Hawk."

"The integration of the advanced digital PAC45A system into the Black Hawk aircraft adds a great capability, and at a very affordable price," said Ken Pfleger,  Avionics Integration Program Manager at XP Services. "PS Engineering’s support during the integration phase was nothing less than superb, allowing for rapid integration of their system and proving its worth during flight testing."

Contact XP Services for pricing and availability. For more information, visit xpservices.us or ps-engineering.com.

About PS Engineering, Inc.

Founded in 1985, PS Engineering has become a leading manufacturer of both general aviation and special mission audio control systems. The company’s sole corporate focus is excellence in the design and manufacture of audio control systems.  PS Engineering is credited for many innovations in the field, including MultiTalker®, True Dimensional Sound, IntelliVox® automatic VOX, flightmate® digital audio alerts, as well as being the first to integrate Bluetooth® in audio control systems. With a network of over 400 authorized dealer/installers worldwide, the company is a leader in retrofit avionics as well as a supplier to other major avionics manufacturers for their audio panel requirements. For more information, please visit www.ps-engineering.com

About XP Services

XP Services, headquartered in Tullahoma, Tennessee, is a developmental flight test organization specialized in aircraft modification, certification and airworthiness qualification testing. Comprised of the most experienced and select professionals from US military and OEM test organizations, XP Services is committed to the development of next-generation aviators and aviation technologies. With over a century of combined aviation experience and extensive knowledge of military and civilian flight operations, the XP Services team is perfectly equipped to provide efficient solutions to support its clients' goals and missions. For more information on XP Services, please visit xpservices.us.