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New Helicopter Safety Team of Chile Will Focus on Reducing Accidents and Enhancing Safety

With strong support from the Chilean Association of Helicopters (ACHHEL) and dozens of experts from across the industry, the Helicopter Safety Team of Chile (HST-Chile) has been formed with a focus to reduce accidents and enhance safety.

The team includes representatives from authorities, civilian and governmental helicopter operators; commercial and private pilots, etc.  HST-Chile leadership includes: Mrs. Loreto Moraga (ACHHEL) as President, Mr. Enrique Helfmann (ACHHEL) as executive secretary, and Mr. Fernando Perez (Airbus) as coordinator.

The Team’s initial effort involves the creation of seven working groups aimed at improving safety in key areas where helicopter accidents occur.  The working group topics are:

  • Training
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
  • Maintenance
  • Firefighting flight operations
  • Mountain operations
  • Turbulent atmosphere
  • Passenger transportation

In addition to the working groups, HST-Chile will continue to make use of safety education materials developed by the International Helicopter Safety Foundation (www.IHSF.aero) and its affiliates in South America, North America and Europe.