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Articles for tag 14 CFR 61.129(c)(3)(iii)


When FAA Legal Interpretation and Common Sense Collide Does Safety Even Matter?

Posted by Admin

A commercial pilot student transferring to our pilot school provided training records that included a cross-country flight that met the requirements of 14 CFR 61.129(c)(3)(iii). It was a 2-hour cross country flight in a helicopter in nighttime conditions that consists of a total straight-line distance of more than 50 nautical miles from the original point of departure. However, it was conducted prior to his private pilot check ride. My initial response was that the flight time was unacceptable because it was pre-private and would not count toward commercial pilot requirements. [Read More...]

Tags: 14 CFR 61.129(c)(3)(iii) 14 CFR 61.51(h) FAA Legal interpretation (McLellan 2015)
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